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Our mission is to provide organic, sustainable, fish and vegetables, while leaving a zero carbon footprint. This is achieved by producing a regenerating system that uses 500 watts of power and less for smaller systems. These systems can be replicated in different sizes to meet the needs of a given population in a variety of climates. Systems are designed to work in your back yard, in conjunction with a neighborhood effort, commercially for local growers and internationally.

Our larger systems are designed to be set up in a way that is easily replicated. Our consultants can teach you how the set up a system and then market the system to others. You as a grower can partner with Global Aquaponics and you can make money off the systems you sell to others.

 Typically, African countries struggle to produce affordable protein for their people and have a limited amount of water. The protein sources of goat and cow are expensive and chickens are used mainly for their eggs. Power shortages are common and can last for days. An Aquaponics system run on alternative energy producing fish and vegetables can solve this dilemma. The system is designed to run on only 500 watts of power and uses 90% less water than growing vegetables in the ground.

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